In June of 2006, I listened to Chip Ingram on my car radio.  He spoke about how important it is for us to learn to be connected to the Lord.  We all make “to do lists” as an incentive to accomplish more.   Yet, Ingram taught that our doing should always be an outgrowth of our “being connected to our Savior.”  Therefore, he contended that a “To Be List” is far more appropriate for the Christian than continual “To Do Lists.” 

Agreeing with Ingram, I came home and made my own “To Be List.”  I took every area of my life where I felt God was calling me.  Deliberately, I didn’t specifically include Special Gathering because I believe any ministry within the mentally challenged community should be treated as a ministry–not a specialized ministry.  Additionally, I included areas I enjoy and some places where I feel I should be.  Here is my To Be list:

  1. A woman of God who lives in integrity and love so others will see Jesus in me and desire God’s grace.
  2. An evangelist who is able to lead people to God’s unconditional, agape; love.
  3. A godly, kind, gracious and wise wife who loves unconditionally.
  4. A person of prayer and the Word of God.
  5. A good friend to my children, grandchildren and those people God puts in my life.
  6. A pastor who is able to care for God’s people with tender wisdom and agape’ love.
  7. A person who gives liberally with wisdom and love.
  8. A person who is physically and mentally fit.
  9. A gracious hostess to many people in our home.
  10. A writer whose works are able to bless many people.
  11. A choir director who is able to communicate, teach and bless the choir.
  12. An anointed, wise, gifted preacher/teacher of the Gospel whose words can bless the smartest person and minister grace, knowledge and wisdom to the simple.
  13. A skilled gardener who can learn about God’s grace from His creation.

I didn’t put these in any order of importance but what came to mind.  I’ve been open to changing the list or adding to it.  However, in the past four years, I’ve not added to it or changed it.  For about a year, I meditated on the list and prayed that God would work these into my life.  I still go back and refer the list often. 

Of course, your list will be different.  It is an easy exercise but eye-opening and helps to establish within your spirit what God is doing or desiring to do in your life.