And Who Are You Again?

Matthew 16:16

Central Theme:  We can know Jesus but it will take an eternity to learn how to truly be his friend.


Introduction–Talk about knowing who you are.  Say, “I am a lot of things.  Some you know.  Some you don’t know.”  Give an example of something that most of your members don‘t know.  “Most of the things about me you don’t even care to know.  But there is someone that it is vital that each of us knows and that is Jesus.


          I.      It took a long time for Jesus’ follower to really know him.

                  A.  Have a member read Matthew 16:16.

                  B.   Tell the story of Peter’s confession.


               II.      Sharon would call me every morning before 8AM to tell me what she had for supper.  It was important to her.  But not to me.  Finally, I asked her not to call me so early in the morning unless it was really important.  She called me the next morning to tell me what she had for supper because it was really important to her.


                        A.  Jesus knew that his followers needed to know who he was. 

                              1.   Peter was able to confess him that Jesus was the Son of God.

                        B.   It is just as important for us to know who Jesus is. 

                              1.   He should be our Savior and our best friend and our boss.

                              2.   Asking Jesus to become your best friend and your boss will insure that you will come to love him more each day.


Conclusion–You must know who Jesus is but you must also love him and confess him as your savior.


There is Someone Greater Than We Are

Luke 3:16   

Central Theme: Jesus is the greatest person who ever lived not just because he was also God but because he is the only one who can change lives. 

Introduction–I have known a few important people in my life. Bring out magazine or books with pictures of important men and women. Ask who they are. Why do we know their names? Of course, it’s because they are important people. We know who they are and we know about them.

I. I want us to talk about the importance of learning     that we are not as important as we might like to be.

    A. Have a member read Luke 3:16.

    B. John the Baptist was probably the most important celebrity in his country.

    C. He was like a rock star.

        1.  He dressed funny and wore his hair weird.

        2.  He had mobs of people who came to where he was–in the desert.

             a. It was as though people from Los Angeles, New York City and Orlando walked to Holopaw, Florida where he lived to see him.

     D. But John knew there was a person who was greater than he.

     E. That person was Jesus.

II. Too often, I want to be like Jesus, rather than point people to Jesus.

    A. Let me explain.

        1. I want the attention and favors Jesus got.

        2. I want people to like me and follow me and want to be like me.

    B. John wanted only to point people to Jesus.

III. Jesus said that John was the most important man who had ever lived up to that time.

    A. But John only wanted to show people who Jesus was.

        1. He talked about Jesus.

        2. He encouraged his followers to follow Jesus.

  1.         3. He even humbled himself to Jesus and said, “Jesus you need to baptize me.”

Conclusion–If the greatest man who had lived, only wanted to show people Jesus, should we do the same? To be liked is nice. To be important is okay but John choose to show people Jesus. He choose the best and so can we.