About a year ago, I referred you to the site that contains several videos that demonstrate how we develop our sermons.  If you haven’t gone there, “How We Develop Our Sermons” is a place you will want to see.  Watching all the clips will take about an hour but you can break them up.  Even if you don’t like the process, you can learn from it.  I learned more about how to preach from a couple of really bad preachers than I ever did from the many good preachers I’ve sat under over the years.

At the Special Gathering website, there is a series of YouTube videos on How We Develop Sermons for the Mentally Challenged Community that will give you an overview of how we prepare a sermon as a group.  Then there is a second series of the Sermon as it was preached by Carmine DiBiase at the Cocoa Special Gathering.  The third set is a discussion and critique of the sermon presentation.  While this was prepared over a year ago, I wasn’t able to view it until recently.

Looking at it, I felt it was an excellent tool which shows how sermons can be developed, preached and finally accessed.