We should love one another

I John 4:7

Central Theme:  God‘s love means that we will show others that we love them.


Introduction–Tomorrow is my husband’s nad my 40th

 anniversary.  This is my gift.  He gave it to me because he

wanted to show his love for me.  I gave him a DVD player.


       I.     Love is best if it is shown. 

              A. God gave us Jesus; Jesus gave his life.

              B. How will we show God that we love him?

              C. Have a member read I John 4:7.

              D. Tell the story of how the first helpers of Jesus were chosen. Acts 6:1-7


           II.     The leaders of the church thought that it was important for the followers of Jesus to show their love for each other. 

                   A. One way we can show our love for God and for each other is by by what we give in the offering plate. 

                        1.  Go over the things that we pay for from the money given in the offering plate.

                             A. bus (transporting our members to SpG)

                             B. missions

                             C. supervisor who helps to keep us all safe during our SpG time.


Conclusion–Jesus gave everything that he had.  We are to give from what we have.  One way to give is with our offering.

How to be an Amazing Person

Luke 2:47

Central Theme: As a child Jesus was amazing and he can change you into an amazing person.



Come out with sweats and fighting gear. Put out a sign, “World Wrestling Federation’s Newest and Finest–Linda the Amazing.” Have a volunteer accompany me out and have him/her prime the group to cheer and clap. Say while taking off the sweat band on my head, “Wait a minute. Maybe there is a better way for a grandmother (or pastor, or father, or teacher), like me, to be amazing.”

I. The Bible tells us that we can all be amazing people.

    A. Have a member read Luke 2:47.

    B. Tell the story of Jesus as a boy.

        1. The family went to Jerusalem

        2. Jesus was left

        3. He was with the teachers and lawyers and they thought he was an amazing person.

        4. They could not believe that a young boy would know as much as he knew.

     C. But the story does not end there.

        1. After Jesus was resurrected, the teachers and lawyers were amazed at the followers of Jesus.

        2. These simple fishermen gave them amazing answers.

        3. These followers were so smart and–yes, amazing–that everyone knew that they had been with Jesus.

II. Do you want to be an amazing person–someone people respect and look up to.

    A. It is hard.

        1. There is always someone smarter than you are.

        2. There is always someone who can do better work.

    B. But God can help us to be amazing people

III. It is a supernatural thing.

    A. You won’t be smarter–but you will have the right answers.

    B. You won’t be cuter but people will think you are.

    C. You will not lose your disability but people will begin to define you by your wisdom and what you can do rather than what you cannot do.

Conclusion–I think it’s too late for me to be The Amazing Linda with WWF but I can be amazing because of my love for Jesus. He will change me into an amazing person. 



Does God care about my Everyday Life?

Call to Worship: I am with you and will watch over you. Genesis 28:15

The servant said, “Lord, you are the God of my Master Abraham. Allow me to find a wife for his son today. Please show this kindness to my master. Genesis 24:12


There are a lot of people right here who have had miracles happen in their lives. Terri needed a home and God sent her to us. Susan has been able to live in her own apartment for many years now. It’s easy for me to see why God would give Susan or Terri a miracle but would he do the same for me? God loved Abraham but what about his family and his servants? Have a member read, Genesis 24:12.

Tell the story of Eliazer, Abraham’s servant, going to find Isaac a wife fourn in Genesis 24. Servant went to Mesopotamia to search for a wife. He stood by a well and said, “repeat the verse.” ..

        II. This is an important story because it shows that God doesn’t just care about important people like Abraham and Terri and Susan. He cares about ordinary people like me and Eliazer, the servant. How did God show Eliazer that he loved him?

          First, He answered Eliazer’s prayer.Second, he made Eliazer‘s job easy.

          Third, he led him every step of the way. What if he had gone to a different well? What if he had asked the wrong question.?

          God wants you to know that he will answer your prayer, make your way easy and lead you in the way you should go to please him.


  2. He asked God to give him a sign. I will ask a young woman for water. If she is the one let her say, “Drink and I will get you water for your camels also.”

    Before he finished his prayer a beautiful young virgin woman named Rebekah came up to the well.

    God answered his prayer and Rebekah became Isaac‘s wife.