Submit and Succeed

I Peter 5:5

Central Theme:  The key to submission is humility.

 Introduction–Demonstrate a foot washing.  All the years, as a Christian, I thought it took humilty to wash someone‘s feet.  But later, when I experienced foot washing, I found it is the person who has his feet washed who is humbled most.  Have a member read I Peter 5:5

I.     Tell the story Jesus washing the disciples feet found in John 13:1-17.

A. Jesus washed the feet of the disciples.

B. It is true that he took the place of the servant but the disciples had to let him wash their feet and that took humility also.

C. Submission means that we are to humble ourselves to let others help us.

II.     As Christians we get pretty good at being a servant.

A. This story teaches us that we should let others help us,also.

B. On a TV show, people who were living on welfare often talk about the check they get at the first of each month from the Government as their salary.

C. Submission sometimes means that we need to let other people help us.

III.     As people with disabilities, we think we are pretty good at that but are we?

A. Often we want to get the upper hand by pointing out the mistakes of others to them.

B. We sometimes laugh at people who are doing things for us.

C. These are defensive things we do but we need to learn to say, “Thank you“ and to submit to people who help us.

Conclusion     Part of submission is to be humble when we are serving others and when other people are serving us, too.

Jesus is the Rock

I Peter 2:4-7

Central Theme:  Jesus is the foundation and stability in my life.

Introduction–I told about putting when I laid a patio in my side yard.  It had to have a firm foundation.  Read I Peter 2:4-6.  I press the soil.  Then I put down tar paper and rabbit wire.  I prepared the soil by wetting it down again and again and pressing it with a blunt, heavy instrument.  These two steps were the most important things about putting the patio down. 

       I.     Jesus spoke to Peter and told him that on a foundation of rocks he would build his church. 

              A. The Bible tells us that Jesus is the chief cornerstone. I Peter 2:7

              B. Jesus said that Peter would be part of the building stones.  Matthew 16:15-18

              C. It is important that the church have a good stones.

      II.     I found that there was a problem with my stones. They were sand stones and they were too weak for a good patio.  I had to put in wire and mortar to hold it firm and steady. 

          A. We have a big problem as people.

              B. We are too weak to stand alone.

                   1.  We need a firm foundation–Jesus.

     III.     But there is more–we need each other to be strong.             

              A. We cannot fully exist without each other.

              B. We must have the entire body of Christ–even those which appear to be more defective than us. 

              C. Even as the defective stone because the cornerstone, God want to unite us into a strong church. 

     IV.     How do we do this. 

              A. Be sure that Jesus is your only foundation and work from there.

              B. Three things needed to grow

                   1.  Be sure that you are clinging to the church–no   matter how flawed.

                        A. The woman whose mom forced her to go to church and she won’t go now.

                   2.  Prayer must become the center of our lives.

                   3.  Be sure that you immerse yourself in the Word of God.

              C. Complete the armor of God in your whole being to strengthen your personal life Eph 6:14-18.

                   1.  Your gut must know and love truth.

                   2.  Your heart must be covered with righteousness.

                   3.  Your feet must be prepared to share the peace of the gospel.

                   4.  God’s continuing salvation must be at work in your thought processes.

                   5.  The shield of Faith must become your protection.

                   6.  Again, the Word of God must be  your only weapon–and that is against the enemy of your soul.

Conclusion  Jesus is the best foundation for our lives.

Jesus deals with me as a person–not a member of a family

Matthew 9:37

Central Theme: Becoming a Christian is personal and Jesus deals with my problems as an individual.

Introduction–Everyone in a family is different. All families are incompatible. That is, all families have problems with each other.  They are not able to get along with each other. Because we are all very different.

I. Have a member Read Luke 11:39-40A.

A. Tell about Mary and Martha. 

D. Mary chose to listen to Jesus.

E. Martha chose to work for God.

F. Neither was wrong but one person made a better choice

G. Martha‘s heart was not right.

II. Jesus said that he did not get involved in family fights.

A. Because each person stands before God on his own.

1. Children are not punished for the sins of their Dad.

2. God deals with each person one-by one.

3. I learned to deal with my children one at a time when there was a fight.

A. There was always a little wrong on each side.

III. God wants to deal with you–not your neighbor or family..

A. Mary‘s heart was right that is why he commended her.

B. What if the situation had be reversed with Martha and Mary.

1. Mary would have been rebuked because God doesn’t have favorites. He deals with each person in the way they need help or correction.

C. They were a family like yours.

Conclusion–God wants your heart to be right with him, even though you live in a family or with a group of people.

God helps me be faithful

I Corinthians 10:13

Central Theme:  God is able to help me even when I am tempted to do wrong. 

Introduction–My younger grandson is always planning what he is going to do next.  You can see that he is sometimes planning to do bad things.  One time he said to me, “Grandma, take this knife away from me so, I can’t play with it.”  Being tempted to do wrong is not a sin.  Doing what is wrong is a sin.  But often, we think if we think about doing something we have sinned. 

       I.     Have a member read I Corinthians 10:13.

              A. Tell the story of Jesus‘ temptation. 

          B. Jesus had gone away to pray and be with God when he was tempted.

          C. He was doing the right thing. 

      II.     When the devil came to tempt him, he offered him some exciting things..

              A. First, he know Jesus was hungry so he offered him bread to eat.

              1.  Jesus refused and answered him with a scripture verse.

          B. Second, he offered him Power and prestige  (jump from the temple)

              1.  Jesus refused and answered him with a scripture verse..

          C. Third, the devil offered Jesus the whole world.  (He would not have all his work done early)

              1.  Jesus refused and answered him with a scripture verse.

III.     God helped Jesus remember the Bible verses he had learned and he knew what was the right thing to do. 

Conclusion:  God will help you to be able to what is right.

Jesus wants me to love Him

Mark 12:30

Central Theme:  Jesus gave everything to us and he wants us to love him.

Introduction–When we evacuation to the mainland for Hurricane David many years ago, each person in the family could take one thing.  Leah’s coat, Carol’s doll, Mark’s surfboard, Frank‘s calculator, my typewriter. Each of us had something precious that we want to take. What is precious to you? Have a member read Mark 12:30. 

       I.     Tell the story of the rich young ruler and Jesus.

              A. He thought he was clean and pure.

          B. But he wanted more of the Lord.

              C. He could not get rid of his money so he left Jesus.

      II.     How will we show Jesus that we love him?  Here are some things we can do.

              A. Doing those things that keep us pure. 

                   1.  Remain pure with our girl/boy friend.

              B. Obey God‘s rules because they will insure that we will have a happy life.

              C. Tell him that you love him.

              D. Work toward having Jesus as your friend.

                   1.  Friends spend time together.

                   2.  Friends talk to each other.

                   3.  Friends help each other.

                   4.  I have a good friend who is in trouble but she is my friend and I will help her.

     III.     We need to ask God to really do something in our lives–to change us.

              A. As the world becomes more and more disabled we can help others because we have lived in disabled bodies for many years.

                   1.  We understand.

                   2.  We can help older people who are having to adjust to a new way of living.

Conclusions:  We are to love Jesus by allowing him to have and use the things we hold dear.

Why Do We Pray?

Acts 12:12

Central Theme: It is important know why we pray.


1. Have a member read the scripture Acts 12:12

2. Say, “Let us pray.” Then wait for a very long time.

3. When people begin to stir or look around, say, “Why do we pray?”

4. Have you ever thought about that? Let’s look at that question for a moment.

I. Quickly tell the story of Peter in prison and the church in prayer.

A. Why were they praying?1. Everything we do begins and ends with prayer.

B. Why do we pray?


2. Is it part of the ceremony? the Pagentry? Or form of the church?

II. We pray for one main reason:

A. God answers prayer.

B. When we pray and we are Christians, God listens to us.

C. I don’t think Peter thought God would answer his prayer…but He did.

D. I don’t think the church thought God would answer their prayer…but he did.

III. Are there other reasons why we pray? Yes.

A. We pray to tell Jesus we love him.

B. We pray to ask God for things.

C. We pray to thank God for his blessings.

D. We pray to confess our sins.

E. We pray to vent. We can tell God things we can’t tell others.

Conclusion–Those things may all be true but mostly we pray because God is listening and He always answers prayer. Maybe not in the way we would like. But he loves us and gives us His best when we pray.

The Church believes in Jesus

Acts 16:29-32


Central Theme:  The church believes in the Lord Jesus Christ.


       1.     Saturn car dealerships sell all kinds of things that show we are owners of the Saturn.  Show some things.

       2.     What identifies you as a Christian.

       3.     Have a member read Acts 16:29-32.

       I.     You are part of the Saturn family by the car you drive.  But you are part of the Christian family because of what?

              A. Is it the way you live?

                   1.  That is important

                   2.  As a Chrsitian you should be good, kind, generous, honest.

                   3.  But that is not what makes you a Christian.

               B. Is it because you go to church?

                   1.  Important but NO.

              C. Taking Communion?  No

              D. Being baptized?  No

      II.     We become Christians inside of us.  In our hearts.

              A. Reread 30 and 31..

              B. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.

              C. Our hearts must say, “Jesus is my Lord.:

              D. He must be our best friend and our boss.

     III.     Then you are a true believer.  We become different people.

Conclusion–Saturn may be a wonderful car.  It is only a car.  Becoming a Christian is a deep change in who I am.