By Michelle Demeree

Jesus is coming through the door.

Are you afraid?  You do not need to be.

Do you know, who is good all the tiem?

Let me tell you.

It is Jesus.

So let’s raise up our hand

and our hearts.

Let us search for him and

find out how much

He loves us.

Father’s Day

by Michelle Demeree

Our fathers are our heroes.

His day is a time to be with him.

Remember how Dad is to you.

Remember how your father is  in your eyes.

Dads are our heroes.

My father is a hero.

My father is a treasure of love.

Loving As God Loves Me

by Michelle Demeree

Do you know your inner self?

Do you love YOU as Jesus loves YOU?

To love as Jesus loves, I must find faith

I must find faith to pray to God.

I  must work on being the person God wants me to be.

Try to know your feelings.

Then let’s go with God and trust his love for us.

Then we can love ourselves as God love us.

Shelly Demeree is a member of The Special Gathering of Melbourne.  She loves to express herself in writing. Her poetry and writing has appears in several publications.

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How we live

by Michelle Demeree

We live through each other.

We take moments in our lives

Then we give it to someone we love.

We give to those we love.

For then, when we have a need

They give to us.

In time, as we pray

Moments are given back to us

As we all pray in Christ.

Shelley and friends at Special Gathering

The Changes of the Seasons

by Shelly Demeree

We look at the meaning of spring.

                                                     We know that spring can mean that change is here.

Spring means we will have fun in the sun.

                          We being to feel things around us with fresh hope.

That is good.

                         Good to be with our family.

                                                                  Good to be with our friends.

So ENJOY the feeling and changes of spring.

Michelle Demeree is a member of Melbourne Special Gathering.  She serves as a deacon and on the Board of Directors for The Special Gathering of Indian River.  Her poetry appears in several venues.

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My Story

by Michelle Demeree

My story begins with love.

                My story begins with prayers.

                                        My story begins with hope.

Through  hope, love and prayers,

                                                                     I found faith in the Lord,

                                                                            Finding faith in all I do.

God has put me here to make a difference.

             He has given me His heart of gold for others.

                       Now I love to pray for all people.

                                       Inside my heart, I feel God’s love.

Through hope, love and prayers,

                                                                    I found faith in the Lord,

                                                                       Finding faith in all I do.

Shelly Demeree is a poet whose poems appear in several publications.  She has her own web page, which includes some of her poety.  She is a member and deacon at The Special Gathering of Melbourne.