Luke6:27and 28

Central Theme:  Love changes people and even changes you.

Introduction–I am known for my letters.  Curt, matter of fact, maybe even hard letters.  I decided to write a hard letter this week to a professional who had wronged one of our members.  I read part of it to our executive director who recommended a few changes. Then I remembered God is dealing with me about being mean.  I changed the letter to show love to the person I was writing.  Immediately the Lord did a miracle and worked out the problem.  Love is powerful.  It changes people and circumstances.

I.     Have a member Read Luke 6:27 and 28.

A. Jesus was speaking to the people on a hill top telling them how to live (Luke 6)

              1. He emphasized the importance of loving others

2.  He told them that there is great power in loving even your enemy.

3.  I know there were people who scoffed because I have scoffed myself–and I’ve seen thousands of others scoff too.

A. But Jesus knew what he was talking about.

II.     Loving your enemy means putting love into action.

A. Do good–help them on the bus, at work, at church

B. Bless them–say good things about them.

C. Pray for them.

III.     Jesus included three ways people can hurt you

1.  Hate you.

2.  Curse you.

3.  Mistreat you.

III.     You become kinder as they become meaner.

A. Love works even for those who hate you–or especially for those who hurt you.

Conclusion–Use God’s love to become the person God means for you to be.