For years, The Special Gathering has used the Southern Baptist Curriculum published by their publishing arm, LIFEWAY.  In their current curriculum, they have announced that they are now publishing a special series for children.  It is called Bible Teaching for Kids Special Buddies. 

This is a great addition to the resource materials for special needs Bible teachers.  Asking the question, “Are their needs being met?”  LifeWay designed this specific material for children who are in first to sixth grades. 

LifeWay believes that versatility is the key to successfully using this curriculum.  They say

One of the most exciting features about Special Buddies  is that it works well in all kinds of situations with children of varying developmental levels.  Try it out with:

  • a self-contained classroom of school-age children with special needs.
  • an individual child who receives one-on-one care at church while parents attend Bible study.
  • a child with special needs who attends a typical Sunday school setting but responds well to modified lessons and individualized attention.

Check out their website and see if this is something you can use with your ministry.

I understand writing your own curriculum.  I did it for years.  I enjoyed the process and it allowed me to emphasize the important parts of discipleship that the Scriptures teach and I wanted my students to grasp.

However, I also love the curriculum put out by LifeWay, which is part of the publishing arm of the Southern Baptist Convention.  The curriculum published for persons who are developmentally disabled is called ACCESS.  It is excellent and comes with a teacher’s guide and teaching helps.  You can review the curriculum, teacher’s guide for a minimal cost.  The Teacher’s Packet with teaching helps is expensive but well worth the cost.  However, you may not want to spring for the almost $20 until you view the Pupil’s books and teacher’s books.