Often our advocacy page is Florida centric.  However, this is a special need scholarship that has national reach.

jkl hopechest


a higher education scholarship for students who are adopted and/or have special needs.

2010-2011 ~ one $1000 scholarship to be awarded fall 2010

previous scholarships:
2009-2010 (1st year): $1000 scholarship awarded to heather yoder, fairmont state university

how to apply

to apply, email a one to two page letter to connect@onewholeworld.comcontaining the following:

  1. your name, dob, address
  2. your school name, address, and accounting department contact information
  3. two references with e-contact information: one of a pastor and another that can verify your adoption and/or special needs
  4. a paragraph or two sharing what you are studying and why
  5. no photos please

the chole’s children (jonathan, keona, and louie) will read the applications and select a recipient by december 10th.

the check will be issued directly to the college toward tuition.