I spent the past few days in South Carolina with The Special Gathering program director.  During that time, I shadowed her during the week, observing the activities of that Special Gathering.  On Thursday afternoon, we went to a weekly Bible study.  This study is mainly attended by the Walterboro SpG leadership team.

I was impressed by several things.  First, each person is responsible to get to the study.  There were 13 people attending.  Five of their regular attendees were not present because their staff had planned a shopping trip to a larger, neighboring city.  Transportation is always an issue for people who are mentally challenged.  Perhaps, part of the success in their attendance is because they live in a small town.  However, when week-after-week the leadership team comes, it is an impressive achievement.

Second, the members of the class lead a lot of the discussing.  Their input was valuable and valued.  This was important and proved that these men and women were growing in the Lord.

Third, there was eager participation.  Each person gave valuable input but their enthusiasm was impressive.

Fourth, the class lasted for an hour and the members were attentive and responsive all during that time.  Almost everyone will tell you that a class that lasts this long is not wise within our community.  However, even after the class was dismissed, the members did not want to leave.  They continued to linger for another half hour.

While the circumstances of my program is different, I’m taking a new look at some of my tactics after spending time with the members of this program.

Have you ever visited another special needs program?  What were some of the things that impressed you?  What were the things you learned?