I have a good friend, Eric Wright of Journey Church, who has taken some pretty hard knocks over the past three years.  In fact, when you google his name on the web, there is a website devoted to what this person claims are his mistakes and bad behavior.  After a lot of research, I found that none of these accusation and claims are true.  He isn’t without sin but these accusations are not valid.

He has proven to me to be a man of integrity.  Even more, he has been the one person who has looked at our family with love and compassion during some pretty rough time.  He not only befriended us but he also tirelessly prayed and put his prayers into action.

During this Christmas time, I wanted to give him and his family a gift of love.  Perhaps you have come across the other website but I hope you will balance out the fact that he has chosen not to retaliate with harsh words.  While others complained about his greed, he sold his home to pay debts that others made and to insure that the Church would not be stuck with unpaid bills. 

In a conversation with a good friend, I commented, “I wonder why this has happened to them.  They are such people of integrity.”  My friend said, “It rains on the just and the unjust.”

That is true but perhaps it a time for internet shower to bless my good friend again.