The Power of Courage

Acts 4:29

Central Theme:  God gives us courage to speak and do what is right.

Introduction–Bring one of your gardening books. Explain how much I love gardening and I find it easy to talk to people about gardening.  I like to share tips and information.  Explain how nobody is going to kill me for talking about my garden.  Immediately after Jesus died, arose and ascended into heaven, the church was people who loved Jesus so much that they couldn’t stop talking about Him even though it meant that they would be in trouble.  Have a member read Acts 4:29. 

I.     What would happen to you if you decided to tell every person you met about Jesus tomorrow?  Would that take real courage?

A. Would you be arrested?

B.  Would you be put in jail?

C. Would you be killed?  Would you need courage?

II.     In Acts 12:1-25, we read about a group of people who were so happy that they could not stop talking about Jesus.

A. The church leaders of the day got very angry and put their leaders in jail.

B.  James, the brother of Jesus, was killed.

C. But they had great courage.

III.     We know that Jesus has the power to change lives and we want to tell others about what has happened to us but we are afraid.

1.  God can give us courage and joy.

2.  Tomorrow ask God to give you one person who is hurting and needs your help.

A. Become their friend.

B.  Tell them about Jesus.

Conclusions:  We can make a difference in the world, one person at a time, if we have courage.  God will give us courage if we ask.

God wants you to have the courage to stand up for Him

II Thessalonians 2:15

Central Theme:  God wants you to stand up for what you believe about Him.

Introduction–I believe that chocolate is good and I will tell anyone who will listen.  I talk about it all the time.  But chocolate won’t change anyone’s life.  I want to have the courage to stand up for the thing that will radically change the life of others. Have a member read II Thessalonians 2:15. 

I.     Tell the story of Gideon.

A. The Midianites were ruling over his county.

B. God told him to become a mighty warrior and fight them.

C. Gideon was able to fight against an entire army with only 300 men because he was willing to stand up for God.

1.  He did not have to fight but to stand with a trumpet and a candle.

II.     God does not always want us to fight with others about our faith.

A. Sometimes he just wants to firm in what we believe about Him.

B. Times during work, we should be Christ-like but maybe not talk about Jesus.

C. Standing firm is not a cop out.  It is what we need to do at times.

1.  Tell about when the neighbors were getting together and their language was bad. I wanted to confront them.  My good friend, Wylene said, “Don’t correct them.  Just don’t use bad language yourself.”

III.     How do you stand firm.

1.  Don‘t join in when others are sinning.

A. Don’t talk when other are gossiping–change the subject.

B. I was convicted of gossiping because ROS would not join in.

2.  Smile and be polite but don‘t change how you feel.

IV.     Standing firm is not as hard as talking about Jesus.

1.  Sometimes it is what God wants us to do.

Conclusions:  Chocolate is good and so is standing up for what I believe.