God Uses People

Luke 1:18-20, 76

Central Theme: God uses people who make mistakes to do the miracles of life.


Introduction–In Algebra I, I discovered that in the back of the book were all the answers.  A College Algebra book also has all the answers.  Why?  Algebra is a disciple of principles and knowing the process.  Learning the correct process is much more important than getting the right answer.  Because if you learn the correct process, you will get the right answer.  In the same way, God wants to use people. He knows we will make mistakes.  But He still wants to use us. 


       I.     Jesus‘ birth came after thousands of years of process–God‘s plan. 

              A. God works patiently to accomplish His process.

              B. John the Baptizer was an important part of God’s process. 

              C. Read Luke 1:18-21, 76.

II.     Tell the story of John‘s birth, and of Elizabeth and Zechariah

          A. God‘s process included using people.

          B. Zechariah made a BIG mistake but God still used him.


     III.     God wants to use us but he wants us to understand how to live for him–the process.


          A. Life is not a game or a trial run–life is all you have.  “It is appointed unto man once to die and after that the judgment.”

              1.  God wants people who will obey him.  Luke 1:75

              2.  He wants to help people Luke 1:68

              3.  He wants to give them freedom. Luke 1:68

                 4.  He wants people like John who can tell others about Jesus’ love for them.

   IV.     God chose John to be part of the process–a man who would talk about Jesus coming. Luke 1:76 and 77

              A. We are to tell others about Jesus and we will make mistakes.

              B. We are to share that we love Jesus.

                   C. It is more important that we obey than that we do it perfectly correct.

                   Johnnie  Lord is a pastor’s wife who said that the first time God told her to get up and pray at 6am in the morning she fell asleep.  God told her that he wasn’t concerned about her performance but in her obedience. 

Conclusion:  God uses people who know the process of life.

Another Linda G. Howard?

Another Linda G. Howard?

Forget robbing of identity.  There are more of me than just me.  She’s a lawyer from New York City.  And she’s a novelist with tons of books on the store shelves.  But I came first, because I’m older.

The lawyer Linda Howard is also Linda G. Howard.  The novelist Linda Howard is only Linda Howard.  Because we’re both writers, people do confuse me with her.  I’m sure that doesn’t go both ways because she is a much more prolific writer than I am.  My books and writing are strictly Christian and straight laced.  Hers can be a bit racy.

I feel at times that we should start a Linda Howard convention.  Think about it. There would be no need for name tags.  We could use occupation tags, instead. 

The one nice bonus for me is that people do sometimes think I’m more important than I am.  The other nice bonus for me, the Linda G. Howard that is Area Director of The Special Gathering of Indian River,  is that the marvelous people that I work with, the mentally challenged community, don’t get me confused with anyone.  They love me just the way I am, not for what I do.  Pastoring this community is wonderful.  We often say that we are the only pastors in town who are loved by all our parishioners. 

What are some of the bonuses that you’ve experience by ministering within this community?