God is Love

I John 4:7

Central Theme:  God is love so He can do nothing but love even if we do not understand his love.



         1.      We talk a lot about choices.

         2.      Each of us is given the liberty of making some choices ourselves.

         3.      I chose whom I would marry.

         4.      You chose what shirt or dress you would wear today.


          I.      God is God but I wonder if there isn’t something that he has no choice in.

                  A.  Have a member read I John 4:7

                  B.   If God is love, can he choose not to love? 

                        1.   Has God limited himself so he must love?

                  2.   But God’s love is a perfect love

                        A.  We often hear about a soft fluffy love that will give us     everything we want.

                              1)   You know, “Ask and you will receive.”

                        B.   God’s perfect love will do everything for our best.

                        C.  We may not understand God’s love is good for us.


                  3.   When my daughter, Carol, my two older children could not understand why I would punish her when she put her fingers near the electrical outlets.

                                A.  They loved her but they did not understand that she could die from putting her fingers in those sockets. 

                                B.   I loved her with a more complete love and I disciplined her to teach her.


               II.      God said that we were to not have sex before marriage.

                        A.  We should have only one partner.

                  B.   But we think we know better than that.

                  C.  Sometimes we decide to do thing our own way.

                  D.  Now there are people dying of all kinds of diseases because they did not obey God.


Conclusion–We may not always understand God’s love but he loves us best and with a perfect love.  No matter what we might do, he will never stop loving us…but his love is perfect.  That means that he will disciple us when be do wrong things.

For almost twenty years, I have been working among persons with disabilities through a ministry called The Special Gathering.  We are called to evangelize and disciple people who are mentally challenged.  Each day I get up awed that God has given me such a position of honor in the church.  For about ten years, each time I came home from a worship service with Special Gathering, I would call the founder of The Special Gathering ministry, Richard Stimson, and thank him from allowing me to be able to do what I do.  I always ended our conversation in tears. 

To experience the look on Gary’s face as he lifts his head and voice in unashamed praise and worship fills my heart with joy.  To see Chrissy’s tiny hands finger her Bible with love for her Savior takes my breath away.  To have Shelley and Steve come each week to hug me after worship and tell me they love me humbles me beyond my ability to express.

Richard Stimson has said that we pastor the only congregations that completely love their pastors.  They are grateful for everything that is done for them.  They work hard to please God.  Each one has a unique gift that is needed in the church. 

Don’t Get Tired of Doing Good

Galatians 6:9


Central Theme:  The church must continue to do good.


       1.     Bob Mumford, formerly a famous preacher, once said that it always amazed him the people who were able to continue and grow in Jesus.

       2.     Usually, they weren’t the splashy people. 

       3.     He was careful of the people who always talked big. They didn’t seem to last long.

       4.     The people who grew strong in the Lord usually came and didn’t try to impress anyone or do important and big things.  They were, sometimes, shy.  Almost always they were people who didn’t impress him much

       5.     Have a member read Galatians 6:9. “Do not be weary in well-doing.”


       I.     I think this must be my life verse. Because people are always coming up and telling me, “Don’t get tired of doing good.”


              A. The point is important.

                   1.  You must learn to pace yourself

                   2.  Richard Stimson, founder of Special Gathering used to say to me all the time. “ Learn to pace yourself. Don’t try to do everything all at once.”

                   3.  People who are successful are the people who know how to pace themselves.


              B. Some tricks to learning how to pace yourself.

                   1.  Make yourself be patient and enjoy what you have.

                   2.  Take time off to smell the roses and enjoy God.

                   3.  Don’t be in a hurry to succeed.

                   4.  Accept your limitations.  We all have disabilities.  There are some  things that we won’t be able to do.


      II.     Dorcas was a woman who was always doing good.  She got sick and died and the people that she ministered to were the people who helped her.


Conclusion–Doing good is the most important thing we do for others.  Learn to be must be patient and gracious with each other and with yourself.