The choice that changed everything

Nehemiah 9:17

Central Theme: Man choices to sin and God chooses to be gracious.

A ream of paper has 500 sheets–not more and not less. A foot is 12 inches–not more and not less. There are many absolutes in our lives. There is a couple of absolutes that totally changed mankind. First, since Adam’s sin, We all choose to sin and God always chooses to be gracious and forgive. Have a member read Nehemiah 9:17.

I.     Tell the story of the first sin and the fall of mankind from Genesis 3.

A.Eve ate the fruit and Adam followed her.

B.  They were tricked by Satan.

C.God made them leave the garden but he chose to love them and forgive them.

II.     God will always choose to be gracious and loving to you.

A.We must desire God‘s love and his forgiveness.

B.  We don’t always think we need God.

III.     The ways we reject God.

1.  We decide that we can handle everything ourselves.

2.  We work toward being independent of God

3.  We want to please people rather than God

4.  We disobey God‘s laws.

A.There are unintended consequences to all of the bad choices that we make.

IV.     We should never forget that God will always show his love and graciousness to us.

Conclusions: Each of us chooses to sin but God chooses to forgive us all the time.

Sarah Palin may be the mother of the year–perhaps the mother of the decade –in regard to the amount of publicity she is getting for being a mother.  As people take sides about her qualifications and whether her children are a distraction or an asset, there are several things that I think are important.  First, it’s interesting that motherhood in on the front burner of everyone’s mind and it’s not even the month of May.  Second, she is the parent of a special needs child and that is being highlighted.

Regardless of your politics, it’s a hopeful sign that children who are mentally challenged has become a campaign issue.  Sally Quinn is a columnist I respect because I believe that she is usually fair in her analysis, even if we don’t often agree.  Ms. Quinn pointedly referred to her own special needs child in an interview regarding Palin’s qualifications as a VP.  Perhaps she has written in regard to this child before but I had not seen her mentioning it before this interview.

For the first time in the history of this country, we see the wife of a presidential candidate (Cindy McCain) who is a special needs school teacher and the VP candidate who are active advocates for people with developmental disabilities.  Many professionals in the special needs field have determined that the Democrat party is more sensitive to the disability community.  At times, even the most valeant efforts of Republicans are discounted. However, it is hopeful that the background of these women has put this issue in the foreground for both parties.   

The Special Gathering of Indian River choir has as our theme song this year, “I Pledge Alligence to the Lamb.”  At SpG, we minister to the mentally challenged community.  We evanglize and disciple people who are mentally challenged.  Our theme song is a catchy little tune that draws our attention back to the Savior.  “With all my strength, with all I am, I will seek to honor his commands,”  the choir sings.  Our prayer must be that God will guide our leaders and that we will maintain our focus on the Savior, no matter who is running for political office.

Do you feel that Cindy McCain’s and Palin’s background in special needs will be an asset?  If so, why?  If not, why?