For your information:  This is a memo from Cathy Beldell, Deputy General Counsel for APD regarding justification of cost reductions in res hab.  

From:  Cathy Bedell/APD/DCF
To:  10/18/2011 04:56 Gerald Siebens/APD/DCF@DCF, Zaynab  PM Salman/APD/DCF@DCF, Llamilys Bello/APD/DCF@DCF, Tomea Sippio-Smith/APD/DCF@DCF, Melinda Powers/APD/DCF@DCF, Angela Green/APD/DCF@DCF, Melissa  Dinwoodie/APD/DCF@DCF
> cc Jamie Morrow/APD/DCF@DCF, Denise  Arnold/APD/DCF@DCF
Subject  Re cost plan reviews of res hab services

In response to the question posed at our Monday meeting about the reduction of res hab services as part of the cost plan review, the following is my understanding of what is required.
If a reduction to res hab IB or BF is recommended, that decision should be supported and reviewed by the area behavior analyst. It should also be supported by the support plan or progress notes.

If the reduction is related to other res hab levels,i.e., extensive 1 or minimal, the area staff can make that decision based on facility reports or the support plan. This is especially true where res hab may have been adjusted upward for a temporary condition–recent surgery or increase in behavior incidents– and never reduced, as well as where the behavior or condition that supported the original placement has diminished or no longer exists.
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