Believers Obey

I John 3:22

Central Theme:   When we are God‘s children, we obey what he wants.

Introduction–Buy a bracelet with the initial’s “WWJD.”  Or ask someone to show you their bracelet, “What would Jesus do?” This bracelet is really about learning how to obey God.  When we become a Christian, we want to obey and we make it hard.  Understanding that we can simply ask “What would Jesus do?” makes it simpler and easier.  Have a member read I John 3:22.

I.     Tell the story of the Ethiopian eunuch and Philip found in Acts 8:26-30.

1.  The eunuch wanted to show that he was a believer and therefore we wanted to obey God.

2.  Baptism is one way we show that we are a believer.

3.  Baptism is an act of obedience.

II.     God wants us to obey him and he really does make it simple.

A. We are to love God and love people.

B. We are to act as though we love God and love people.

III.     We can put into practice all the things we have learned.

A. God changes us and makes us different.

B. God makes us think about other people and want to please them.

C. I heard about a grandmother who had three grand children.  Two of the children lived in her town.  The other didn’t live near her.  This grandmother didn’t but gifts for the out-of-town granddaughter because this grandchild didn’t live in her town.  However,  when Granny came to visit the out of town granddaughter, all she did was shop for toys for the grandchildren who she lived near her.  It’s easy to see which grandchildren she really loved.  It was the grandchildren to whom she gave her gifts.

D.  It is the same with us.  We will obey God when we love him.  We want to give ourselves to Him because we love Him.

Conclusion: Show the bracelet.  “What would Jesus do?”  God wants us to change and remember to do what Jesus would do.

Who Should Be Baptized?

Acts 16:13-15


Central Theme:  Baptism shows your heart has changed.


Introduction–Baptism is important but what is the proper way and how and when should it be done?


       1.     Infant baptism is really a dedication of the family. 

              A. The family is saying, “We will raise this child to love Jesus..

       2.     Adult baptism says, “I am a believer. I love Jesus”

       3.     There are arguments for both–We are not here to argue either.

       4.     Share the time that you were baptized.  (I was 8 years old.  I was so nervous that I threw up all over everyone sitting around me in the church, after I was baptized.)


       I.     We are here to look at Lydia.


              A. Have a member read Acts 16:13-15.

              B. Lydia wanted to show she was a Christian.

              C. Her baptism said, “I am a Christian.”

              D. Her baptism said, “I am a believer.”


Conclusion–Baptism helps us to say, “I am a believer.”