APD’s New Regional Offices Take Effect

APD will now refer to regional offices instead of area offices. That’s because the APD’s new system of regions took effect on July 1. To help you get a handle on all this, here is an easy guide to the new regions and the former areas they contain:

  • Northwest Region – Areas 1 and 2 except Madison and Taylor counties
  • Northeast Region – Areas 3, 4, and 12, plus Madison and Taylor counties
  • Central Region – Areas 7, 13, 14, and 15
  • Suncoast Region – Suncoast Area (23) and Area 8
  • Southeast Region – Areas 9 and 10
  • Southern Region – Area 11

Also, you can view the agency’s Regional Map, which shows the new regions and lists all of the counties within them.

Click on the link or paste the link into your browser to see the map.


The new APD regional directors are:

  • Lynne Daw for the Northwest Region
  • Gayle Granger for the Northeast Region
  • Merari Perez for the Central Region
  • Geri Williams for the Suncoast Region
  • Gerry Driscoll for the Southeast Region
  • Evelyn Alvarez for the Southern Region