This is an e-mail I received from Florida Association of Support Coordinators (FASC).


10% Reduction Exercise


  • Reduction of $707,377 in General Revenue from APD headquarters operations.
  • Reduction of $733,282 in General Revenue from the area offices.
  • Reduction of $182,835 from the Developmental Services Institutions.
  • Reduction of $1,556,131 in contracted services, room and board, prescriptions, etc.
  • Reduction of $1,774,056 in services to clients.  (Those not on the waiver.)
  • Reduction of $957,409 in institutional forensic staffing.
  • Reduction of $1,724,687 in institutional staffing.
  • Reduction of $1,864,185 by combining consumable and durable equipment purchasing on the waiver by regional purchasing contracts.
  • Reduction of $4,000,000 by eliminating behavior assistance service in standard and behavior focus group homes.
  • Reduction of $3,286,586 by reduction in accounts for persons in Consumer Directed Care by 10%.
  • Reduction of $9,685,154 by consolidating services…day training, supported employment, supported living, in-home supports, companion, and respite.  This would represent an 8% reduction in current expenditures.
  • Reduction of $11,198,958 by capping Tier One to $120,000 per year.
  • Reduction of $51,455,374.  This option was not recommended as it would reduce current services such as meaningful day and in-home supports and would result in institutionalization of individuals.


Budget Request


  • Request for $2,400,000 for the transition of 60 people from Gulf Coast to community.  (Continue plans to close Gulf Coast by 6/30/2010.  Average expenditure of those transferred from Gulf Coast has been running around $79,293.00 each.  The requested funds are for six months of funding.)
  • APD requested $234,925 to support expansion of CDC+.  People transferring to CDC+ must give up 8% of their funding so this request will be offset by cuts to the Waiver program.
  • There is a request of $4,500,000 for people on the waitlist.  These would be short term or one time services such as respite. 
  • There is a budget request of $30,000,000 to serve 2,200 people.  300 of those they are requesting services for are children in the DCF child welfare system that Florida law has required priority of funding for.  Remaining funds would go to fund some in crisis on the waitlist.  (734 children/people would go into Tier 4 and 1,466 others would probably go into Tiers 3, 2 and 1.)
  • A request for $6,886,500 to offset the projected deficit in the Waiver for 2009-2010.
  • A request for $31,932 for salary and benefit from to complete transfer of positions from DCF.
  • Request for transfer of five positions from the Institutions to APD Program and Compliance budget. 
  • Request for two positions that were in the Institution budget, (but located at Central Office) to the Central Office budget.
  • Request of $138.979 to continue 3 legal positions, some of which are currently associated with Gulf Coast Center.
  • Request of $728,193 in funding for legal staff.  Some of the funds are requested as a transfer from DCF, which at times have a conflict of interest due to representation of foster children.  In the past year, APD has less than 1,000 fair hearings.  It is anticipated that Agency attorneys will represent the Agency in over 5,000 hearings in the coming year.   The Agency anticipates over 5,000 fair hearings, 55 tort actions, 34 garnishments, 7 arbitrations, 14 unemployment compensation hearings, 990 forensic cases, 184 dependency cases, 9 appeals, 59 guardianships and other proceedings.
  • Request of $729,524 ($658,603 non reoccurring funds) for core technology infrastructure. 
  • Request of $270,750 from AHCA contingent upon receiving a grant from The Department of Health for maintenance of a registry for special needs.
  • Request of $78,657 for position to perform Information Security Management.
  • Request of $184,050 for three positions in the Office of Inspector General. 


Notes of Interest

The anticipated split for the Waiver program is based on 55.13% federal, 44.87 percent from General Revenue funds.


APD and DCF have had to request a budget transfer item of approximately 3 million for supported living subsidies due to the fact that the current source of the funds cannot be used for supported living subsidies.  1,700 people receive this subsidy.  If the transfer is not approved, the result will be termination of the subsidy.


$13,433,384 dollars were certified forward. 

To view the new Florida APD budget  click on this link.  There is an increase of a little more than $13,000 in the amount allocated and an increase in the number of employees.