Richard O. Stimson, MAMin,  Executive Director and Pastor of The Special Gathering, Inc. 


Brevard Programs– Cocoa and Titusville

Brevard Area Director–Richard O. Stimson, P. O. Box 685, Cocoa, FL 32923.  Phone 321 632 0130. 

Brevard Coordinatior:  Carmine DiBiase, P. O. Box 685, Cocoa, FL  32923.  Phone 321 632 0130


Jacksonville Area Director–Richard O. Stimson, Phone  904 636 9755.


Indian River Programs–Melbourne And Vero

Indian River Area Director–Linda G. Howard, P. O. Box 6002, Vero Beach, FL  32961.  Phone 772 770 1011 or 321 773 2691


Volusia Programs–Daytona and DeLand

Volusia Coordinator–Dawn Dawson, P. O. Box 9928, Daytona, FL  32120.  Phone 836 304 3418.


South Carolina Area Director–Ferne Brandt, Phone 843 835 2275

                   Walterboro Program

5 Responses to “Area Directors”

  1. Hello, I am a single mother of 3. My son is severely disabled with Autism and no speech. Paul is 18 and has no academic, social or personal care skills. The school system has let him down. Because of my son’s need for 24/7 supervision I can only work while he is in school. I clean houses part time. I have been on food stamps for many years bc of very low income(less than $10,000 earned income). My food stamps have been cancelled as of June 2009. They have included my 18 and 20 year old daughters’ incomes. They do not contribute to any household bills or groceries. My oldest attends college 100 miles away in Ft. Myers. My youngest plans on attending a college here in Bradenton. I cannot help with college for them, so I do not ask for any funds from them. They buy their own clothes and must work their way through college.
    the state of Florida also says that I owe $2500(now down to $2,269) in overpaid food stamps from 2007 when my oldest daughter turned 18. I have heard that President Obama has said that these funds should not have to be paid back, considering the economic hardship.Now that I no longer receive food stamps, I will be expected to make cash payments. My son is supposed to be on a Dr. Prescribed GF-CF diet, but that is long gone. I could not afford it on the small allotment of food stamps I got …and now I have none at all. My son is hungry much of the day. I feed him hot dogs, mac& cheese, spaghetti, whatever the food pantry gives me. These are all foods that are detrimental to him.
    Also, I used to receive cash assistance until the law was changed in 2006. I used to be exempt from the Jobs, etc. program because of my son’s need for constant care. That law changed in 2006. I re-financed my house at the same time and got enough extra money out to pay off my van, get central AC put in my house and for a trip up north to get things that I still have in storage from 2002. I was not able top comply with Jobs, etc. …I was required to dedicate 30 hours to their program. I did not have this much time available due to my son’s needs. I was advised to cancel cash assistance or my food stamps would be sanctioned. I did cancel cash assistance. The budget I had worked out included the $200/mo cash assistance…there fore I was now $200/mo OVER my budget. I used all the money for AC and the trip up north to help keep the bills paid. I have a single window unit in the living room that was donated by a church member to cool the entire house. I earn about $175/wk.
    Does anyone have any suggestions for me?….HELP! Lindy
    PS…once I get this mess straightened out I would be happy to be a representative for your organization in my area.

    1. brenda kitchen Says:

      Hi Sweet sister in the Lord,
      I have a similar situation. The Lord led me to Wisconsin. I have been here since May 2009. My 24 year old daughter is now in the self-directed IRis PROGRAM AND receives a large budget to hire her own supports, and even I get paid for helping her with her personal care as a mom. I was living in FLorida for two years, but no services. There is supposed to be a bill passed this February for a similar program in Florida called ibudgetflorida. Pray the wait list is removed, as when I got to WI there was no wait list.. This was the best thing that ever happened to us as far as my daughter’s needs being met.
      God bless you and pray pray pray!

      1. Brenda, I am so happy for you and your daughter. Yes, ibudget is coming but with the drastic cuts expected, I’m not sure that it will be that successful.

  2. Judy Larson Says:

    Please help me locate the articles written by Shelly D. She was our neighbor in Phoenix, Arizona about 20 years ago. I just spoke with her on the phone a few minutes ago and she tells me she’s now a Deacon and serves on a couple of committes with your ministry.

    I’d love to see her articles. She touched our lives so many years ago…

    Thank you.

    Judy M. Larson

    1. The blog site is She has her own page. At the top of the page is the menu, click into “Shelley’s Page.” She is a gifted writer. Thanks for visiting us.

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