Our web site is  The Special Gathering

Our e-mail address is lhoward@specialgatherings.com

Our address is:

Special Gathering of Indian River, P. O. Box 6002, Vero Beach, FL  32961

or Special Gathering of Brevard, P. O. Box 685, Cocoa, Fl  32923

Our phone numbers are  321 773 2691 or 772 770 1011 or 321 632 0130

29 Responses to “Contact”

  1. ellen mcwha Says:

    i have a good friend who is working with 3 retarded individuals in her church. she is looking for a simple approach to our bible..one with picture illustrations as well as the text.
    could you give me a recommendation to pass on. we are beginning to dialogue about a ministry. we work with retarded folks here in Maine.
    any recommendations or comments would be appreciated.
    Yours in Christ Jesus,
    Ellen McWha

  2. Dear Ellen,

    We use the New Century Bible as our text. It was originally translated for persons who are deaf. Therefore, it does not have many of the idioms that our members don’t understand and can’t grasp.

    We also use LIFEWAY curriculum the Access Series from the Southern Baptist Convention. Their website is http://www.lifeway.com/special needs.

    Because I think this information may help others, I’ll also put it in a blog. Thanks for writing. You are about to embark on a greatly rewarding spirtual adventure. We will pray for you. Please let us know how yo and your friend do.

    1. David Says:

      The website you give here the link is broken of the page no longer exist

      1. Thanks. In reality, the web page I gave you directs you the web site. I have now used a link to take you directly to the web site. Try the contact link again. It will take you directly there.

  3. Pr,Beeshal lepcha Says:

    Dear sir/madam,i would like to know more about to join with your ministry as partnership, and to fulfill the Great commission and eastablished the kingdom of God in this world too.i hope you will kindly to give response above said. thank you

  4. October, 13, 2008



    I am Pastor Mallawarachchi in Sri Lanka. I am doing Free Evangelical Church. I can’t Tomuch English. I am very sory. I think you understand my mail. My Church have top war Area Eastern Province. Church all people have 770(people and Children.). Vellavely,Sentralcamp,Gonagolla and Ampara my 4 Place. Vellavely Area all people are tamil. I am doing Evangelical Service in Ampara Area. Would you like to Sponsor my Church? I am Poor Pastor. I Want Evangelical Service doing all sity in Srilanka. But who No Support me. Who can support me? I have only JESUS.

    I am pray Evry day. I want this 4 Place make a Church Building. I have no Church Building. 3 Places I am doing Sunday Service Under the tree. One place Doing rent house. My Churches have full time 20 workers. I have problem why I have no sponsor my church I am find Sponsor for my Church. Please kindly help me. Please help me found My Church. My Church is local. I like Joing with work. Would you like Sponsor my Church. , YOU COME SEE MY SERVICE IN SRI LANKA.



    PONE: 94+63 222 3299 Mobile 94+7I 936 6999
    E –mail: – canaanchurch@wow.lk

  5. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. While I cannot possible understand your great need, I must explain that our ministry is a very small mission work. We work with people who are mentally retarded. We also have no money. I will be happy to pray for you. I am posting your letter. I am sure that the people who come to this blog will also pray for you. However, we are not able to give you any money. Sorry.

  6. Mary Korpi Says:


    I was hoping that you could write an article about my book, and/or add me to your Links section. My blog is all about children with special needs, and how to help them learn how to become adults.

    My site:


  7. Mary, I added your link and I posted one of your entries in to my blog. I think the best way to get readers interested is to introduce them to the person through their writing.

    I would love for you to link to us as well. If you see something that you find worth repeating, please feel free to us it, as long as you give specialgathering the credit.

    Great to link with you. Where are you from?

  8. Evangelist N.C.Sekhar, Says:

    Top Priority is Soul winning…Proverb 11:30.
    My Dear earnest Director,
    Praise the Lord Jesus at all times, giving Him all the Glory.
    I am an Evangelist and in full time ministry saving lost souls at any cost through the Sound Bible Doctrine. I have been anointed by the Holy Spirit for teaching and preaching ministry. I have three mission stations looking after their Spiritual needs as an Evangelist. I am 37 years old, married and have two Children. I conduct prayer services, Spiritual retreats, Marriage counseling, House visiting, prepare Hindus and Muslims for adult Baptisms in our Holy Church.
    If we are able to partnership together you can help my ministry to grow and harvest lost souls for Christ. In these last days “Keeping the blessed Hope in Mind.” Titus 2:13.
    Together we can prepare the Bride to meet Jesus at His Second coming. For this is God’s assignment for us, we must do what must be done. Faith in Jesus Christ and obedience to His word will help us to see the invisible, believe the incredible and receive the impossible. We wish you a Happy Christmas and bright and too peaceful New Year 2009.
    May the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit been with you. I am waiting your urgent reply. Please, send some resource material books for my ministry needs feel free to do so.
    Yours winning lost souls for the Church,
    N.C.Sekhar, Evangelist,
    My Address: N.C.Sekhar, Dr.No.14-11-17/6,Nidubrole-522124, Guntur (Dt) A.P.India.
    My Email: bc.sekhar@rediffmail.com

  9. Laurie Barski Says:

    I have a sister-in-law that resides in Tallahassee. She is just a bit mentally challenged. She has worked in the past. She is not able to drive. I am looking for a church like yours that she can attend in the Tallahassee area or any other groups that you may know of for her to attend. Any information that you have is most appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you. I thank you for your time. It seems as though you are doing wonderful things. God Bless.

    Laurie L. Barski
    Tamarac, Florida

    1. Thanks for your comment and for visiting our site. I wish that I knew of a ministry within the Tallahassee area but I don’t. I will inquire regarding your sister-in-law’s need. I will get back with you later. Thanks again.

      1. I went on the net to try to find a ministry but there seemed to be nothing in the Tallahassee area. I went to First Baptist Church of Tallahassee website. Again, nothing. Then I called First Baptist to inquire. They knew of no church that even has a specialized ministry Sunday school class.

        Again, we see that our population could classify as an unreached peoples group.

      2. Laurie Barski Says:

        On behalf of myself and my sister-in-law, I thank you for your time and assistance. Good luck to you with your future endeavors.

      3. You are welcome. I only wish I could have been of more help to you.

  10. Martha Picardy Says:

    I am looking for a recipe book that has pictures to help teach my adult retarded brother who does not read well enough to use printed material. I would appreciate any references. Thank you.

    1. Sorry but I don’t know of any book like this. There are not many help materials available for our population.

  11. Joan Picardi Says:

    We live in southern Nj. We are TRANSPLANT FROM pHILA.
    We are lOOKING FOR A HIGH FUNCTIONING YOUNG ADULT FEMALE TO BE FRIENDs WITH (for my daughter.) We have Christian beleifs. Does anyone know of anyone or organiztions that would foster such a relationship? Its hard going through life without any peers.

    1. Joan, I will put your question as an entry. If there is someone in NJ, they may be able to connect you. I’ll pray for your daughter. Lonliness is a pretty awful thing.

  12. Marilyn Says:

    I did a web search for special needs ministries in Florida and came up with this site. While I have not read a whole lot here as yet (it’s a big site!), I have read enough to want to contact you and ask a question. My family moved to central Florida in August. We have three girls with Down’s who are 15, 18, and 23, as well as three younger children. We have found no church here that can accomodate my family’s needs for a special needs class as well as an afternoon service time (MUCH easier for families to get to!). I have even put the word out there, in any place I could find, that I was wanting to start a home worship group for those who didn’t “fit the mold” of the typical worship environment. NO response. I am starved for Christian fellowship, and would love to meet other families like ours, preferably in the south Lake-west Orange county area. I can’t believe we’re the only ones here like us. How can I get the word out more effectively? How can I connect with other Christian groups and organizations? Would there be a way to find a pastor who is looking for just such a special little flock to lead? Please help!

  13. Northland Church has an inclusive program. They are in Longwood at 530 Dog Track Road. Their website is http://www.northlandchurch.net/ Their special needs ministry is called Access Ministries. There is also a blog that is maintained by parents involved in their specialized ministry. That address is blogs/northlandchurch.net/blog/access-ministries/ Laura Lee Wright is the head of this program. She is full-time staff. She is a camp this week but you can contact her at the church.

    A bit closer, there is also a specialized ministry at Delaney Street Baptist Church. They are located at 1919 Delaney Street in Orlando.

    Nathaniel’s Hope is a ministry that may be able to give you more names and recommend something closer. Their website is http://www.nathanielshope.org

    Thanks for you inquiry. I will be praying that the Lord will lead you to the right place for you and your children.

  14. Marilyn Says:

    Thank you for your quick response! I wish Northland was a bit closer to us. They sound wonderful! Of course, the special needs class is not during the Saturday evening service, though, which would be ideal. Maybe they’d like to start a south Lake branch??? 🙂 I have to see if that other church you mentioned is in west or east Orlando–makes a BIG difference, as does the time for services. Nathaniel’s Hope has been mentioned to me over and over again since before we moved here. We contacted them several times, through phone and e-mail, for several different reasons and have NEVER ONCE recieved an answer back from them! No clue what’s up with them. We’ll just have to wait and see what the Lord has in mind for us, I guess, but it’s hard to be patient when there are so many options open out there–for “typical” families!

  15. Spoke with Jim Hukill from Lift Ministries in Orland today. He is close to you. He thinks he can help your family. Also, saw Laura Lee Wright. She said that Northland has a virtal service. You may want to see about that. Jim’s web address is http://www.eleos.org/dnews.htm

    Also, Windemere Baptist Church has a special needs department. They have a Wednesday evening program. That could be an option for you. However, there may be other options. Here is their special needs website

  16. Marilyn Says:

    Thank you for following up with this! I am going to contact Jim to see what his group does. I wrote to Laura Lee, but haven’t heard back yet. I know she’s not in her office this week. And I also wrote to Denise at Windermere. She has already written back and described her church’s program. I am going to speak to my husband about trying to get there soon, even if it is a bit far for us. I really appreciate all your help!

  17. ICE Says:

    Send me i’ll go. 1 task, make disciples. innercityevanglelism.com

  18. Pastor Kiirya John Says:

    Dear Pastor,
    am Pastor Kiirya John of Kireka deliverance church, thanks for the good spirit. may god bless you. am in Uganda but am facing some difficulties in reaching my people

  19. Wondering what plug in your web developer uses for commenting and following. Also where you can comment through various social network Logins

    1. I have no idea what plug-in is. Therefore, I don’t know what Pagemaker uses. You can go to their webpage and ask. I’m sure they will repsond to you. I simply pull it up and type my blog. Sorry.

  20. Amen! What you are doing is truly beautiful. These people need to know about Jesus and how much He cares about them.

    I have written an article about reaching out to the mentally challenged. You can find it at this address below:


    May God continue to bless you as you reach out to these needy souls.

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