Part of what I would like to happen with this blog is to give voice to relevant issues that could help to connect people who work with persons with disabilities to each other.  I have searched the web to find similar blogs to connect with but I haven’t found any.   Do you know of other blogs that may be willing to connect with this one?

There is one blog written by a mother of an autistic child that is really good but I’m not sure that she would have the time to interact with folks.  The information is pretty specific to the autistic population but it is well-written and factual.

 Part of my hope is to be able to put a human face and expose the heart of this often misunderstood population.  Perhaps even dispelling the really bad information that can be found in written material everywhere.  I am so happy that I didn’t read Of Mice and Men until after I had come to know and love this population of people. 

I seem to have no problem finding misinformation and distorted views like the blog written by a movie critic who wrote about sitting behind a group of mentally challenged people in a movie theatre.  His thesis was that the horror movie was taking place in the theatre, not on the screen. 

 Guess your help is needed in this adventure.  I would love to have other contributors and other comments.  What would you like to see happen with this blog?

Special Gathering received an e-mail yesterday that had been forwarded to us.  It was a short message from Agency for Persons with Disabilities.  Here is the content.  The first part, in blue, is from a Support Coordinator.  The second part, in red, is from APD. 

Have you heard about this?? I think she means 20 qh per day of meaningful day activity (companion, ADT and supported employment). Can they just reduce it when the handbook has not been finalized?

The new rule coming is going to be 20 hours of day activity for all three services
Joan Schneider
Agency for Persons with Disabilities, District 7 400 W. Robinson St. Suite 430 Orlando, Fl 32801
407 245-0440 ext. 606
S/C 344-0440 ext.606

Has anyone heard about this?  Can APD just reduce the number of hours paid without the handbook being changed?  I don’t think so.  However, we have seen in the past that APD seems to take liberties that aren’t “supposed to be.”