lghIt’s been a year since I posted.  In February 2013, I decided to take a year off for a sabbatical rest.  I had posted almost every day for six years.  The seventh year became my year of rest.  The Lord prescribed this year of rest during the Aquarian Age that the Bible was written.  This was before it was known that crops should be rotated.  That year rested the fields and the farmers.

field of flowersEvery seven years, I’ve practiced this “year of rest.”  Of course, I continue to do my normal work; but I didn’t take on extras.  And I didn’t continue the extra activities in which I had engaged during the last six years.

It was about 40 years ago that I took the first sabbatical. In that year, I became so horribly bored that I started writing.  The year after my first sabbatical ended, I  had three books published.  Two of them were best sellers in the Christian publishing world.  I’m not sure how the Lord may change my ongoing ministry during the next years.  Perhaps there will be no changes.

I have learned an important thing.  Disability ministry is too important to be ignored.  I plan to continue to write about issues that effect members of our ministry and the intellectually disabled community.  In the sabbatical year, I’ve learned this blog is beneficial.  In fact, there are still approximately 100 hits each day–a pleasant surprise.

It’s good to be back and I hope you will join me as I continue to blog.