This is not an endorsement nor recommendation of this facility.  It is offered merely for information purposes.   I have not viewed these homes, nor do I have any connection to this organization.   I am simply passing on an email I received today. –Linda G. Howard

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Call Mary Jo Henderson at 727-449-7045 for more information.

Welcome to The Beach

These big beautiful homes are on and or near the water and close to numerous activities. Our homes offer a super location near beaches, schools, parks, malls and much more. The staff at these homes are highly experienced caring people that make the difference.

Sunwave Mens Group Home

This big beautiful home also has a swimming pool.

Call 727-449-7045 for more information.


Sunset Group Home

Waterfront home with a dock for fishing.

Call 727-449-7045 for more information.

Belleair Beach Group Home

Come enjoy the beach.

Call 727-449-7045 for more information

Caring to be the best all along the journey

Ever Care Adult Care Services, LLC was created to enhance the lives of all persons with disabilities. Providing choices, Protecting the rights of our residence, Providing excellent housing in a beautiful environment and helping residence to meet and exceed their goals is our number one concern.

Ever Care Adult Care Services, LLC. 2840 West Bay Drive # 342 Belleair Bluffs, Florida 33770 For more information contact, Mary Jo at:
Cell: 727-449-7045       Office:727-475-8068


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Local Attractions – Contact Us – Future Plans