God Gives Us what we Need

Philippians 4:19

Central Theme:   God gives us what we need.

Introduction–I have an adding machine that can add up numbers and do all kinds of complicated math.  I sometimes use the adding machine to add up all the money I have.  But I cannot always know what I need.  God knows and God knows that he will provide for all our needs. Have a member read Philippians 4:19.

I.     I will show the book that I found with a letter in it that I had written to God about 20 years before.

1.  It had a list of all our bills and a letter asking for God to help.

2.  I don‘t remember how that prayer/letter was answered but I do know that it was.

3.  I learned during those hard years when our finances were short that God provides for us what we need.

4.  We had to do our part–turn off A/C, live on rice and beans, no movies, I went to work.

II.     Tell the story of Elijah and the widow (I Kings 17:1-16)

A. Elijah had told the King that there would not be any rain for three years.  And there was not.

B.  God provided for Elijah by sending birds to feed him and he lived by a small brook.

C. Then God sent him to a widow with a little boy and told her to make him a cake with the last of the oil and flour.  She obeyed and made the cake for Elijah and they all lived until the drought and famine was over.

III.     Jesus knows that we have needs.

A. He personally promised to give to us what we need.

B.  As I have loved him over the years, I have seen he does that for us.

Conclusion:  God gives to us what we need and sometimes he does it in supernatural ways.  Sometimes he does it supernatural ways that seem very normal and natural.