A Prayer that pleases God

I Kings 3:9

Central Theme:  The prayer of Solomon pleased God and it is a prayer that we can pray.

Introduction–I love The Special Gathering new van but it rattles a lot.  In fact, the noise makes it hard for me to hear because there are so many rattles, squeaks and creeks.  I sometimes feel that way about prayer.  I have so many distractions in my life that I often allow those distractions to invade my prayers.  During those time, I wonder if God is even listening to me when I pray.  Name distractions.

I.     Solomon was known as the wisest man who ever lived and when he was a young man, he prayed a prayer that pleased God.

A. Have a member read I Kings 3:9.

              B. Tell story of Solomon and God’s promise to him from I Kings 3: 1-15.

D. God came to him in Gibeon, an important place of worship.

E.  God appeared to him and said, “Ask whatever you want and I will give it.”

F.  Solomon asked for wisdom.

II.     God was very pleased with his prayer and God gave him what he asked for.

A. There are many times that we could pray this prayer.

1.  When we are tempted to do wrong, ask for wisdom.

2.  When someone else has hurt us, ask for wisdom.

3.  When we have hurt another person, ask for wisdom.

4.  When we face a life-changing experience, ask for wisdom.

5.  There are not many times when we should not pray this prayer.

III.     But what is wisdom.

A. Wisdom is the ability to do the right thing at the right time.

B.  Wisdom is insight and good judgment.

1.  Insight is being able to understand a situation.  It means we can figure out ways to get the facts that we should know.

2.  Good judgment means that we can see both sides of a situation and we can chose the right thing to do.

A. ex At Country Christmas, the new leader changed the name to Holiday Hoedown and took away every reference of Jesus and God.  Therefore, Special Gathering bought our members large pins that said, “Jesus is the reason for the season”  and we asked everyone to wear their Christmas pin.

Conclusion–Asking for wisdom is a good prayer that God loves and He will always honor and answer that prayer.