The Bible is True even if you don’t believe it

I will punish Jehoiakim and his children and his servants, because they have done evil things. I will bring disasters upon them and upon all the people in Jerusalem and Judah — everything I promised but which they refused to hear.'” Jeremiah 36:31

Central Theme:  Even if I don’t believe that God’s word is true, it is still true.

Introduction–Can you imagine that I could fly to the moon by flapping my arms?  What if I really believed that I could flap my arms and fly to the moon.  Would that make it true?  No, It is not true.  Do you believe that Sam can walk across the room?  Of course, you believe that because that is true.  What If I don’t believe Sam can walk across the room.  What if when you tell me that Sam can walk across the room that I shout and put my fingers in my ears so I can’t hear you.  It is still true?   Of course it is still true.  (Hold up the Bible.)  But do you believe that this is God’s word?  And that it IS true?

I.     My believing that God’s word is true doesn’t make it true.  BUT I believe it is truthful because it is true.

A. Have a member read Jeremiah 36:31.

              B. Tell story of Jeremiah and Jehoiakim found in Jeremiah 36.

D. King Jehoiakim decided to not believe that God’s word is true.

E.  God said, “Fine; but I am going to punish you anyway.”

II.     Often we think we can play games with God.  We think we can distract him from what he plans for our lives.

A. We think we can get God interested in other people.

B.  We act as if we misunderstand what God is saying to us.

C. Or we do as Jehoiakim did, we try to ignore God.

III.     Jehoiakim learned that he could not ignore God.

A. God word is true.  Therefore, we, also. cannot ignore what God says.

B.  I thought that I could ignore that God told me to forgive a certain person.

1.  The person really did do me wrong.

2.  I can’t ignore what God says even if I don’t believe it.  I had to forgive the person, even though, I was really hurt by him.

Conclusion–God‘s word is true and if we don‘t believe it, we only get into trouble.  Not believing does not change God‘s word.