The Bible teaches us about Jesus

John 20:31

Central Theme:  The Bible teaches us about Jesus.

Introduction–The other night my husband and I were driving home from a Bible study and we started to talk about Jesus because the teacher had been talking about the Savior.  I have pictures of Jesus.  I have other books that are written about Jesus.  There is a Jesus video that tells me about Jesus.  But the best place to learn about Jesus is my Bible.

                  Have a member read John 20:31.

I.     Tell the story of Paul and Silas in Thessalonica  (Acts 17:1-9).

A. Paul was teaching about Jesus from the scriptures.

B.  Some people did not want to hear about Jesus.

C. They decided to have Paul and Silas thrown in jail.

D. Some Christians help Paul and Silas escape.

II.     John tells us that the Bible teaches us about Jesus.

A. The Bible helps us believe that Jesus is the Christ.

1.  There are some things the Bible tells me that I must believe.

2.  Jesus was born of a virgin

3.  Jesus is part of the trinity and is God

4.  Jesus died, was resurrected and he will return.

III.     When we read the Bible it helps us to know what Jesus is like.

A. Knowing Jesus will change us.

Conclusion–Jesus is our Lord and Savior; but there is much more that we can learn about Him.  We need to study the Bible.