Each morning I sit in front of a blank page waiting for me to write something.  For more than 50 years, all during the day, I’ve listened within my spirit for the Lord’s prompting and teaching.  In the morning, afternoon and evening, I wait for and hear the Holy Spirit promptings and guidance.  Yet, it appears that like frightened birds those thoughts and teaching fly away the minute I sit down at the computer.

Often, I’ve written notes to help refresh my memory.  Sounds great but I almost never have any idea what I meant by the sketchy “locked doors” or “leaky faucet” notations by the time morning rolls around.  However, each day the Lord gives me a word that speaks to my heart and I am able to fill the blank page.  As I type, there flows from my spirit something that ministers to me.  Sometimes, others share that it also helps them.

Today is different.  There are many things  knocking on my heart’s door wanting to be released.  I’m especially thinking about Teresa, a new member.  Almost a year ago, she shyly approached me and said, “Can I come to Special Gathering?”  I took down her address and phone number and promised to call her mother.  After looking up her address, I realized that there was no way that the bus would be able to pick her up.  The next time I saw her I told her about the problem.  She smiled and lowered her head.

“Can your mother bring you? I can get you home, if your mom can bring you.”  Without lifting her eyes, she shook head, “No,” and quietly walked away.

During the year, I’ve spoken to her explaining that I was still looking for a ride for her.  She would smile and say, “Thank you.  I really want to come.”

About two months ago, I was able to arrange a ride for her.  Teresa has attended every week, sitting on the front row, eager to hear God speak through the praise, worship and scriptures.

Teresa is so much like the blank page that greets me each morning.   Waiting quietly.  Yet unlike a blank, unfeeling page, Teresa shows such an eagerness to learn and hear.  Teresa’s personality is withdraw and pleasant.  But her eyes follow every movement as the worship team leads the music.  She leans forward as the prayer team ministers to their peers. In anticipation, she opens her Bible ready to hear from the teachings of the Scriptures.

My heart is warmed by her joy and anticipation; but Theresa is like so many other Special Gathering members who sit like tiny birds in a nest with their mouths open waiting to hear the Lord speak.  Of course, there are problems and concerns.  I can fill a book with disappointments and failures.  People within the mentally challenged community are people.  They fail and disappointment.  But most of the time, they desire to learn.  They recognize their deficiencies and hunger to be better.  The promises of the gospel are like a fresh, cool stream of pure water in the middle of their desert lives.

Filling the blank pages is fun for a writer.  I can only imagine the Lord’s joy as He ministers to Theresa who sits eager and hungry to hear the truth of God being explained because she certainly fills me with delight.