God is Just

 “But you say, ‘That the Lord does isn’t fair.’ Listen, people of Israel. I am fair. It is what you do that is not fair!  When good people stop doing good and do wrong, they will die because of it. They will die, because they did wrong.  When the wicked stop being wicked and do what is fair and right, they will save their lives  (Ezekiel 18:25‑27).

Central Theme:  God is just, not like people.

Introduction–Show the white house and the congressional building.  Talk about the three parts of our government.  Each part of the government checks up on the other one and they each have a only a part of the power.  They balance each other out.  That is because mankind is very wicked.  Sometimes we are so evil that we think that even God is wicked.

       I.     Have a member read Ezekiel 18:25-27.

         A. Tell about Ezekiel and how the people were being punished by the Lord; and they were still being evil and bad.

B.  God said that they were so wicked that they even thought that God was the evil and bad.

C. Before my children became parents, they thought their father and I were really mean and hateful.

1.  Now they think we were really soft of them.

2.  They are going to be tougher on their children.

II.     We cannot understand God; and sometimes we think that God is mean.

A. Richard Stimson, Executive Director of Special Gathering, says that we all see reality from our own perspective.

B.  That means that we understand what is happening from the way we see it.

III.     We must learn to trust God and believe that his way is right no matter that happens.

A. Tell about the day you lost your pocketbook and it was found in Merritt Island.

1.  I learned to not blame God for my mistakes.

2.   God is not responsible for my goofing up.

Conclusion–Because we are people who do not really understand what is right.  We need other people to help us understand.