Often things are happening in God’s Kingdom of which we aren’t aware here in our small cosmic bubble called earth.  About two months ago, I had a dream.  It wasn’t complicated or disturbing but I knew it was significant.  I also sensed somewhere in my spirit that I wouldn’t like the interpretation because I didn’t write the dream down and I didn’t ask my trusted friend to interpret it for me.

After Camp Agape, I was sitting around lunch with most of my trusted friends who had endured the hardship and experienced the joy of camp.  (Camp Agape is a part of the Special Gathering ministry.  Our goal is discipleship and evangelism of people who are intellectually disabled.)  Even though I always advise people to never share their dreams in public because dreams expose so much about us, I really felt I was to share this dream and ask my friend to interpret it for me.

“Oh,” my friend said.  “This dream is really clear.  You think you have killed a ministry you have and God is telling you that you CANNOT drop this because it is vital in the heavenlies and it has a much more widespread and vital influence than you can ever imagine.”

Immediately, I knew exactly what my dream was saying.  It was true.  I had been wanting to drop a part of my ministry that I felt had not been productive for about a year.  I even questioned if it was the Lord’s will for me to even get involved in this.  I’d been praying for months that the Lord would show me what to do and help me to see that it was being effective.  About the time I’d had the dream, I had become fed up with the extra work and the ineffective results this ministry had netted for me.  In my mind and hear, I had dropped it.

I was in the process of killing this part of my ministry.  About 10 times, I asked my friend, “Are you sure this is what the dream means because I don’t want to do this any more.”

“Yeah, Linda.  This is very clear and you know it.”  Of course, I knew it but I guess I needed reassurance again and again.

Therefore, I’m continuing this portion of my ministry.  But I told the Lord, “Father, if you want me to do this, it has to be easier.”  Immediately, I saw a way that I could make this task easier for me.  It was an extremely simple logistical maneuver that made the work process simpler.

God speaks to us in a variety of ways.  But He does speak.  Listening is the hard part.

What is something that you have been questioning?  Have you been like me and not wanting to understand the answer (the dream) the Lord has given to you?