Jesus will Come Again


Central Theme:  Jesus will return to earth and take us home.

 Introduction–Look in the sky.  Tell about looking up trying to see if Jesus was coming.  This is not a silly things.  Because Jesus is coming back and we are to be looking for him.  Have a member read Acts 1:11

I.     Jesus ascended into heaven.  An angel appeared and said, “He will return just as he left. ”

A. Since then Christians have been looking for him.

B. We should be expecting him.

C. I knew  lady who said, “My parents were looking and he didn‘t come.  Don‘t waste your time.”  Looking for Jesus is never a waste of time.  It is hope and the center of our life as a Christian.

II.     We are to live as though we have years to fill with good works for the Lord.

A. Yet we are to live as though Jesus will return any minute.

B. There is no problem with that

C. We are not to stop work and look at the sky all the time.

III.     Looking for Jesus means that we are to be active and ready.

A. We are waiting for Camp Agape to come in May.  We are excited.

B. Do we sit down and wait.  NO because we must pack our clothes and fill out of form.  Maybe we even need to work to earn the money.

C. We look forward but we continue to work.

Conclusion      Jesus is coming again; we should wait for him with joy and hope.