GO and serve Jesus

Matthew 28:19

Central Theme:  GO and serve Jesus.

Introduction–It was a great honor for me to receive my masters degree.  But there is an even greater honor and that is to be able to serve a risen Lord.  Have a member read Matthew 28:19.

I.     Tell the story of Jesus telling his disciples to go and preach the gospel (Matthew 28 1-19)

A. They were gathered on a mountain.

B. Jesus told them that they were go make other disciples.

II.     Our great honor is to be able to tell others about Jesus‘ sacrifice and love.

A. We get to tell the simple truth that God loves people and Jesus died for them.

B. God wants every person to come to love him through Jesus, his son.

III.     Each of us can work hard to accomplish many things.

1.  But the greatest honor is to able to tell others that Jesus loves them.

Conclusion      Honors come and go but being able to tell people about Jesus never looses it joy and excitement.