He Is Alive 

Matthew 28:6

Central Theme:  Jesus is not dead; he is alive.

Introduction–Tell the story from Matthew 28:1-15  Two  women were coming.  There was an earthquake.  An angel appeared.  The stone was rolled away.  The soldier saw the angel.  They fainted  The women came up and the angel told them.  He is Alive!  Go! Tell the disciples.”  As the went, Jesus appeared. . Have a member read Matthew 28:6

I.     I am struggling with my prayers for my mother.

A. Describe her.

B. I love her and I will miss her when she dies.

C. But when she dies, she will go to be with Jesus.

1.  That will make her happy.

II.     Because of the resurrection of Jesus, we have great hope.

A. I know that Jesus lives.

B. I know that Jesus has taken the stringer out of death.

1.  Tell about a Bee that stings and looses its stinger and dies

C. Jesus took the stinger from death and we don‘t have to worry anymore.

III.     Jesus was alive and the women knew it.

1.  His resurrection changed their lives.

Conclusions:  Jesus’ resurrection changes our lives, too.