YouVersion has a wonderful Bible application.  They are continually upgrading the application.  Recently, they added an audio portion to the NIV version.  I am loving it.  I go to sleep with the Bible playing and wake up to hear the Word.  I listen to the portion of the Scriptures that I missed because I was asleep.

Of course, there is a hitch because the recording often gets stuck and you have to “rewind” it.  However, YouVersion has about 150 translations.  My father who was dyslexic became a proficient reader while listening to the Bible and following along with the written version.

It’s no secret that our members either do not read; or  if they can read, they probably are not great readers.   However, as they are continually getting better cell phones, it would be wonderful if they could access this application and use it on a daily basis.  I personally believe that hearing God’s word builds faith.  (Didn’t I read that somewhere?)  I am really excited about the possibilites for these folks who have been shut out of the blessings of learning God’s Word for most of their lives.

I’m loving this app so much that I don’t want anyone to miss out, especially people who are mentally challenged.  Our members need a better way to access God’s Word.  This could be it!

What do your think?  Would this be a good idea?  Can you think of a better way for our members to read and learn the Scriptures on a daily basis?