A man who is gifted with a musical talent told me the other day that he would love to come and help me whenever I spoke at a church or a women’s group.  I laughed, “I don’t teach a many churches or women’s groups any more.”

He looked a bit shocked and inquired, “Why?  Don’t you want to teach in places like that?  I think you have a lot to give.”

“That’s not the point,” I said.  “There are hundreds of anointed people who want to teach at churches and women’s and men’s groups.  No one else does what I do in Vero or South Brevard.  I learned long ago to concentrate my efforts and energy where God has called me.  The Special Gathering and the mentally challenged community is where God has called me.”

Again, he inquired with surprise.  “No one does what you do?  That seems impossible.”

In reality, there are more than 70 churches who make Special Gathering happen through their prayer, volunteers and financial support.  As I drove home from the meeting, I was so grateful for the church community who continues to give to The Special Gathering.  These are the people who make what we do possible.  They allow us  and our volunteers to minister to the mentally challenged community–a people who are often overlooked.