God Saves


Central Theme:  God‘s provision is to rescue us from ourselves.

Introduction–Talk about how you have changed over the years; how gravity of getting you.  Everything on your body is falling.  One thing that has not changed is that 51 years ago Jesus saved me from my sins.  In a way, Jesus saved me from myself.

I.     Have a member read Acts 16:31.

A. Tell the story of Paul and the Phillipian jailer.

B. They were praying and singing and there was an earthquake.

C.      The jailer wanted to know what he must do to be saved.

D. Paul told a simple way.

1.  God did not make salvation complicated.

2. When my daughter Carol was five years old, she old an adult who was a new Christian who didn’t understand something from the Bible, “Tell me what you don’t understand and I will explain it to you.”

II.     The steps to receiving Jesus are not hard but simple.

A. When I attended our last course to receive my  master’s degree, it was on evangelism (which is how to tell people about Jesus).

1.  Telling people about God’s love used to be hard for me but not now because Jesus has done so much that I have a lot to talk about.

2.  The more I love Jesus, the more I know that he has saved me from myself.

A. He wants to change me and make me a better person.

B. In the many months that my mother was in the hospital, people were drawn to my mother‘s room because they knew something was different about her.

B. When we tell others about Jesus we are being changed ourselves.

1.  Paul did not have to tell the Philippian jailer that he was different.

A. His life told him.

B. Jesus had save Paul from himself and made him more like Jesus.

Conclusion:  Jesus can make us different people by saving us.