Jesus changes us with forgiveness

Luke 5:20

Central Theme: Jesus has the power and will to forgive our sins.

Introduction–When my mother was in the hospital, she broke her shoulder because she wanted to get out of the bed and she didn‘t want to disturb anyone so she got up by herself and fell. She forgot that she has changed. She had a stroke and she is no longer steady on her feet. We all change. The world changes. Most changes are because God wants them. We cannot talk about changes without discussing how God changes us through His forgiveness.

I. Have a member read Luke5:20.

  1. Tell the story of the man who was lowered by his four friends.
  2. Jesus made the religious leaders angry by telling them that he could forgive sins.
  3.  Only God can forgive sins.

a. This meant that Jesus was God.
b. We need to understand that Jesus can and has forgiven us.

  1. My son got into a lot of trouble as a teenager and he thought that he could not come back
  2. He forgot that God is a God of forgiveness.
  3. God wants to forgive you but you have a part

a. First thing is that you must believe that you are a sinner and need to be forgiven.
b. We can’t be forgiven if we have not done anything wrong.
1) We think other people are wrong.
2) We make excuses for ourselves.
c. Then you need to ask God to forgive you.
d. If you have done anything to hurt someone else you need to make it right

Conclusion–God can and will forgive our sins.