Action Alert – SB 1516

The Florida Senate Health Regulation Committee is about to take up SB1516 which will substantially alter how services are prioritized and individual consumer iBudget allocations are decided.  The bill was amended this week but key issues were not resolved.  The bill is scheduled be heard as early as Tuesday January 31st.

Background:    Sen. Joe Negron filed SB 1516 on behalf of the Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) earlier this year.  This bill changes APD’s responsibilities for services to those related primarily to health and safety.  As filed, the bill limits APD’s responsibility for quality of life to individuals living in its two major state institutions. What this means in terms of iBudget allocations is that an individual’s need for funds excludes any need for adult day training, transportation, respite care, dental care, companion services and several others.  With this methodology, people would have to choose what to give up if they wanted any of these services or find another way of funding them.

While there is no House companion, this is a very dangerous bill.  APDs strategy is to get this bill passed through the appropriations process which could happen even without a House version of the bill. 

Action Needed:  Contact your Senators and tell them (in your own words) what it would mean if you had to give up any of these services.  If your Senator is on the Health Regulation Committee ask them to vote against this bill.  Below are the members of the Health Regulation Committee.


Miguel Diaz de la Portilla – Miami Florida

(305) 643-7200 & (850) 487-5109


Mike Fasano – New Port Richey Florida

 (727) 848-5885 & (850) 487-5062


 Don Gaetz – Destin Florida

 (850) 897-5747 & (850) 487-5009


Rena Garcia – Hialeah Florida

305-364-3100 & 850-487-5106


Dennis Jones – Seminole Florida

(727) 549-6411 & (850) 487-5065


Jim Norman – Tampa Florida

(813) 265-6260 & (850) 487-5068


Eleanor Sobel – Hollywood Florida

(954) 924-3693 & (850) 487-5097