This is an email I received today.  It is from

Alice Du Fault

Child & Family Consultants, Inc.

1800 Penn St., Ste#12

Melbourne, FL  32901

(321)768-6800 Telephone

(321)768-6858 Fax

Registration for these classes is free but registration is required.  I suggest you call Ms. DeFault for information on how to register.


The Scott Center offers free monthly workshops for parents, educators and professionals who deal with the issues of autism. They are held from 6:30-8:00 pm in the Seminar Room at The Scott Center for Autism Treatment.

Feb. 22, 2012–Preparing Teens and Young Adults with ASD and/or Learning Differences for Independence: Perspectives from Students and Professionals

March 21, 2012–Learn How to Teach Life Skills to Individuals with Limited Language

April 18, 2012–What’s Hot and What’s Not in the world of benefits to protect your children and your family

–Refreshments provided

May 16, 2012–What is Applied Behavioral Analysis?

June 2012–No session

July 27, 2012–Boundaries Boot Camp for teachers, parents, and caregivers

(This is not a free event; Registration is required for this all day workshop)