Created to Make Choices

Romans 14:12

Central Theme:   God gave us the ability to make good and bad choices.

Introduction–I went to a pastor’s meeting and was forced into taking a job I did not want.  In reality, I made a choice to do the job I didn’t like. Each of us have choices and we make choices.  We do have the opportunity to talk to God about all the choices we make when we pray.

                 Have a member read Romans 14:12.

I.     Tell the story of Adam and Eve

1.  Eve was deceived but she made a choice.

2.  Adam was not deceived, he choose to follow Eve.

II.     There are two kinds of choices that we make.

A. We are tricked into making the wrong choice.

1.  We find ourselves in a place where we know what we should do but we choose to do something that is wrong.

2.  We might be tricked, or pressured, or forced but we do the right thing anyway.

B. Right or wrong–we decide on our own to do what we do.

III.     Each of us make choices each day and we should talk to God about the choices we make.

Conclusion–Jesus helps us to make good choices in our lives.