God can answer your questions

Psalms 119:105

Central Theme:  God wants to answer your question when you read the Bible

Introduction–Questions.  We all have them.  Important ones.  Should I have an operation?  Should we move?  Should I take a job at Publix?  Should I break up with my girlfriend?  Little are good also.  Should I eat that last piece of pie?  What should I have for lunch?

I.     Have a member Read Ps 119:105.

A. Paul was traveling pastor.

              1. He needed lost of helpers.

2.  Timothy was a young man when he became Paul‘s friend and then his helper.

3.  When Timothy became a pastor inEphesus, Paul wrote him.

4.  From those letters, we get a lot of good advice.

II.     Those letters are part of the Bible.

A. We can learn from them about how to live.

1.  They are written to young people–a person who faced the many of the same problems that we face.

2.  Paul talked about every day things and he talked about the important things of God.

3.  We see that God is very practical about what He wants us to do–small and big.

III.     What most of us don‘t understand is that the big decisions are made in small ways.

A. We  are offered a job a Publix grocery story.  Does God want us to take it?

B. We find out that a good friend is also working there and we would be able to see him everyday.

C. Our boss doesn‘t really like me; but at the new job I could have Tim as our supervisor and Tim thinks I am wonderful.

D. Little things tell me that I should take that job.

E.  God usually wants us to look at the little things to make big decisions.

Conclusion–The Bible helps us to make decisions big and small.