Life is Precious to the Lord

Exodus 1:16-17

Central Theme:  If life is precious to the Lord, then life should be precious to us also.

Introduction—I asked a young mother who was a volunteer to bring up her baby.  I asked her to tell about feeling him before he was born.  Was he alive?  Was he a child before he was born? Was he a baby right after he was born?

       5.     Have a member read Exodus 1:16-17.

I.     Tell the story of Moses as a baby.

A. God’s people had respect for human life.

B. They would not kill the little babies.

II.     No matter who tells you different, you must have respect of life.

A. God wants us to respect life, even our own lives.

B. We are sometimes encouraged to do dangerous things.

C. I had a good friend who was encouraged to go out to the bars and drink and even get drunk.

D. She became an alcoholic.

E.  She is now a very sick person.  If you had known her years ago, you wouldn’t recognize her now.

F.  She listened to other people; she did not have respect for her own body.

G. God made each of us and we should have great respect for everyone.  We should start with respecting our own bodies.

II.     Each of us should respect human live.

A.  Not just little babies but each other.

B. We show respect for life by living clean and good lives.

Conclusion–God‘s people did not want to kill the babies.  They respected and wanted to save lives.  We should show respect for life also.  We should start with respecting our own lives.