Joseph chooses to obey God

Matthew 1:24

Central Theme:   Obeying God is what we should want to do.

Introduction–Bring a menu from a restaurant and talk about how we all have some choices to make.  But everything in our lives are not a choice.  I have to obey most of the time–speed laws, my husband, my boss.  God wants us to learn how to obey just the way Joseph did.  Have a member read Matthew 1:24.

I.     Tell about Mary and the angel and how Joseph decided to obey God.

1.  Joseph did have a choice but his choice was to obey.

2.  Obedience was an option but if he didn‘t obey he would be in big trouble.

II.     Jospeh probably did not want to obey even after the angel spoke to him.

1.  He knew his life would be changed forever.

2.  He knew that this baby would not be his.

3.  He knew that for a lifetime he would live in shame because no one would understand

III.     Obeying God may take many forms.

A. When we get ready to do our support plans, who do we want to please?

1.  Our parents or ourselves.  Do we think about pleasing God?

2.  When we are at the dance and we are with our boy/girl friend, who do we want to please ourselves, our boy/girlfriend or God?

3.  When we are at a restaurant and someone else is paying for the meal, who do we want to please ourselves or the person paying for the meal? Or do we want to please God.  The Lord pr0bably wants you to offer to pay the bill some of the time, especially if you are eating with your parents.

Conclusion–Joseph did obey because God told him to.  Everything said that he would not have a good life, if he chose to obey God.  There are times that we obey only because we know that it is what God wants.