God Can Use me

Luke 1:38

Central Theme:  God desires to use you and me to share Jesus with the world.

Introduction–I brought a pair of bronzed baby shoes.  You can bring a similar item.  You can save these shoes this way but you can never use them again.  Sometimes we want to make our relationship with the Lord like these shoes.  We bring them out and we look at them but we don’t ever use them.  We want to bring out our salvation on Sunday, dust it off and go to church as “good Christians.”  But God wants to use us as He used a little girl named Mary.

I.     Have a member read Luke 1:38.

A. Tell the story of Mary and the Angel Gabriel.

B. Mary had questions but when she understood what God was going to do she wanted to be used by God.

II.     God used her but he did not protect her.

A. Many people still think that she was not a good woman

1.  People might think that you are a little odd when you share Jesus.

2.  Jesus may allow you to get into situations that are not pleasant.

A. But he will lead you and you will be happy to be used.

B. How will God use you?

1.  He wants you to tell others about him.

2.  He wants you to be kind and loving to others.

3.  He wants you to go out of your way to help others.

4.  AND he has a special job for you to do.

Conclusion:  Mary wanted to be used by God and we should want to be used also.