December 5 means that both of the Special Gathering Christmas plays are over in Melbourne and Vero.  This year, there was no bearded Mary.  There was no Joseph with a nose bleed.  No one slipped, fell or broke a leg.

However, in our song about Joseph and how he was angry with Mary because of the baby who had been conceived, one of our soloists sang, “While Joseph tossed an angel.”  The words were “while Joseph tossed in anger.”  Fortunately, no one seemed to notice a song in which we advocate abuse of heavenly visitors.

One of our angels grew uncomfortable in her costume, so her helpful staff took off the bulky robe and head gear.  Our member sat happily in the back of the auditorium with her staff until it came time for the angels to go to the front of the stage to announce the birth to the shepherds.

On cue, she noisily broke away from her staff and took her rightful place with all the other angels.

I love what I do.  I love a gracious Lord who placed me right where he wanted me and brought me to these wonderful people who love Him with all their hearts.  I love the surprises and the angelic abuse and the wandering angels.