This is an email received from Dayle Olsen telling friends and colleagues about his resignation from Brevard Achievement Center in Rockledge, Florida effective May 31, 2012.

November 2011

“To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose…” 

                                                                “Turn! Turn! Turn!” by Pete Seeger

“Turn! Turn! Turn” is one of my favorite songs simply because Pete Seeger brought to life a message I firmly believe – there really is a time for things to happen and that everything does happen for a reason. 

When I arrived at the Brevard Achievement Center 27 years ago, I knew I was sent for a purpose; I just had no idea what that purpose really was!  Now I know why I have been here all these years – because of what we do.  The lives we change, the successes that we see and the satisfaction of assisting persons with a disability are a few of the reasons I found my purpose at BAC.  That’s why I know that this is the time when my “season” at BAC should end.    

Last night I informed the BAC Board of Directors that I would be stepping down as agency President effective May 31, 2012.  The Board will organize a search committee and begin looking for my successor in January.

I share my news with you because during my years at BAC you have not only shown support to the agency, but to me personally.  My time at BAC could have been filled with difficult tasks, but because of the encouragement you gave me I only have had moments of happiness at the agency.  Thank you for believing in me. 

I will miss being at BAC every day and spending time with clients and, of course, our incredible staff and Board of Directors.  It makes me proud to know that together we have made BAC the gold standard among our peers.  It’s because of my confidence in the foundation we have built that I know this is the right time for me to step down and for someone new to take charge.    

So what am I going to do with myself?  There is still so much that needs to be done to assist persons with a disability that I plan to stay involved in the industry, just playing a more distant role.  As many of you know music also is a passion of mine and one that I will continue to nurture.  Plus, who knows, I may finally take another trip to Europe to visit friends, see the Alps and drink some German beer.

Again, thank you for being a part of my life at BAC over the past 27 years.  You truly have made my time meaningful.