Jesus, God’s perfect gift

I Samuel 16:12

First Week in January 2004

Central Theme:  God has chosen you for a special work.

Introduction–I showed Frank Howard’s metal for Superior Accomplishments given to him by NASA.  This the highest civilian honor given by the US government.  Frank knew that God wanted him to be an engineer and he did it for the Lord and he did a great job.  Sometimes there are special signs given to people to let them know that they have a special work.  That was what happened to David

I.     Have a member Read I Samuel 16:12.

A. Tell the story of Samuel and David found in I Samuel 16.

              B. Samuel wanted to choose the older brothers.  They were handsome and strong.

C. David did not fit the picture of a king but God saw a great warrior and king in this young man.

II.     What does God have for you to do?

A. Each of us have a special place in God‘s heart.

B. His love extends to all of us and he wants us to do his work.

D. He may not want us to be a king; but his work for you is needed.

C. God can teach others through your life.

1. About 20 years ago, the Special Gathering choir sang and God used them to tell a mother that God could use her son who was intellectually disabled.

2.  Later, her son was part of the Special Gathering choir.

3.  God will use you if you let him.

III.     Jesus did not appear to be the kind of person that would save the world.

A. David was a humble man and didn‘t appear to be strong and powerful.

B. God used them and he can use you and me.

Conclusion–No matter what it may look like in our lives, God wants to use you and me.