Becoming Doers of God’s Word

James 1:22

Central Theme:  God gives us success when we stand up for Him.

Introduction–Can we follow signs when they are all wrong.  Remember after the hurricanes when the street signs were all twisted in Vero.  Many were gone–almost all are turned the wrong way. These signs say the right things but you can’t see them because they are down on the ground or they are turned the wrong way.  Sometimes our lives get twisted and we become people who don’t do what God wants.

I.     Have a member Read James 1:22.

A. The Apostle Paul wrote about faith and grace.  He said they are God’s free gift.  There is true.

              1. Some people said, “If God’s grace is free; and we get God’s grace when we sin.  We should sin more. Then we will get more grace.”  This is false

2.  James wrote to straighten out this bad treaching.

3.  James said, “You are to not only to listen to God‘s word but you are to do the things you hear about.”

A. How many Sundays I hear the sermon–because I give it–and I think this is good but I don’t do what God’s word teaches me.

II.     We are to be ACTION people.

A. We are to listen to God  AND we are to DO what He says.

1.  We hear, God is love–so we must love the people you meet each day.

2.  We leave the church service and fight over a piece of cake or a chair.

3.  God says feed the poor–Therefore, we should help to get food to people who need it.  Remember when Karen gave money to Brevard Special Gathering to help with expenses of evacuating during the hurricane.

III.     God wants us to be ACTION people.

A. loving, caring, giving.

Conclusion–James said, “we are to do the things we hear.  We are not to merely listen.  We are to be ACTION people.