Today, we will begin our choir retreat.  I’ve been preparing for it for the past week which is the reason why I’ve missed writing blog entries all week.  Through the wonder of WordPress, I’ll be able to make up the lost entries.  However, it’s been a week of formatting and meetings to prepare for the 33 people who will be attending at Word of Life Retreat Center in Hudson, Florida.

I thank God for Ferne Brandt who is the program director for the Walterboro Special Gathering, Tarah Risher who is the assistant choir director in South Carolina and Lindsey Craddock who will be the baby sitter for the children coming with their parents.  Additionally, Pam and David Gillespie are our van drivers and all-around, able crew.  Joanne Semenuck is also driving her truck filled with our sleeping bags and luggage.  Additionally, she is helping with refreshments.

Would it be possible have a ministry without people who labor doing all the actual work?  I often feel a tad guilty because I get to do all the fun stuff like directing the choir while the rest of the crew is hauling luggage and moving boxes and tables to set up the refreshments.

Too often, it is the behind-the-scenes pit crew that insure that every ministry runs like clock-work.  At Special Gathering, we are especially blessed.  We get to work with dedicated and extremely competent people who love the Lord and the people we serve.

Who is someone you are thankful for today?  What are the tasks they perform?